1. Fruits and Vegetable Farming You can start your fruits and vegetable farming business even in the backyards of your house. It requires very small capital and there is no qualification required for farming. The demand for fresh veggies is increasing day by day.
  2. Poultry Farming –This kind of farming business can be done from both your backyard as well as medium size land. Poultry farming has transformed into a techno-commercial industry globally. The most common birds that are raised in farms are chicken due to its demand.
  3. Fish Farming –Fish farming business is one of the oldest yet profitable small business ideas of the century. Since the demand for fish is high, your revenue will be high. It is capital intensive as you can raise fish in large tanks or enclosures.
  4. Dairy Farming –Now, this type of farming can be done only if you have space and can care for cows and other dairy animals. Milk products are always in high demand as they are considered healthy for beings. The maintenance cost is low and you can produce and sell products such as cheese, milk and cottage cheese.
  5. Duck Farming –Duck farming can also be considered as a part-time business. But it can be done only if you have open space or a pond nearby. The eggs of the ducks have more value than that of hen, therefore, you can earn more profit.
  6. Goat Farming –This is ye another profitable and lucrative idea for small business. Goats produce meat and milk. If you gain a little knowledge about how to breed good goats, this small business can work wonders for you.
  7. Bee Farming –All you need for starting this business is a small flower garden. It is a great small business idea for earning extra income. Beekeeping can lead to the production of various products such as honey and beeswax can be used to make candles.
  8. Manufacturing of Sports Products –You can start with manufacturing of small sports products such as bat, ball, football, chess, carrom and badminton racket. You could also sell sports jerseys as people, especially youth, loves it. Seeing the popularity of cricket and football, there is no doubt that the people will love products with sports logo and business will be successful.
  9. Manufacturing of Paper –Manufacturing of paper does not require much capital investment. Paper is something that is used widely in every sector and industry, especially in the education sector. Therefore, this business can never fail to give you profit.
    Before starting this business you need to decide paper size and volume, based on size and volume you need to select equipment and space for the manufacturing.You will have to buy paper-making equipment and raw material for the same.
  10. Manufacturing of Toys –There is a large market for toys. Children love to play with toys. So, you can initiate this business on a small or a large scale.