If you are thinking of worthwhile businesses to start in Texas, here are some..

1. Yoga Instructor. Finally, you can become a yoga instructor or start a fitness center. You can also consider selling fitness products to people who are interested in keeping fit and maintaining a good health.

2. Appliance Repair Technician.

You can become an appliance repair technician to help repair faulty electrical gadgets and appliances.

3. Basement Remodeler.A basement doesn’t have to be that dark scary place for storing unwanted items. People have learnt that they can increase the home living space by using the basement creatively.You can become a basement remodeler and help people remake their basements.

4. Business Consultant. You can also become a business consultant who offers support and professional advice to business owners.

5. Dog Trainer. If you love to work with pets or you have a degree in an animal science related course, you can start a dog training service or become a mobile pet groomer.

6. Furniture Mover.You can assist people who are relocating or buying new furniture to move furniture from one location to another. This can be done as a part or full time job.

7. Green Consultant

A lot of people desire to go green but it isn’t really easy; that is why people hire consultants to advise them and make it easier. You can become a green consultant if you are someone who is very keen on environment protection.

8. Private Tutor-: You can offer tutoring services to home-schooled children or people interested in adult education.

9. Tax Accountant-: Computing and filing tax returns can prove to be a confusing experience for some people. You can start offering tax preparation services to individuals and business owners in Texas.

10. Debt Collection Agency-: Starting a debt collection agency is a two way thing. You can help people that are neck deep in debts manage their debts and you can also help companies collect debts and earn commission for it.

11. Children Arts Education-: Do you possess any special skills such as acting, singing, dancing, writing, fine arts or fashion? You can start imparting that knowledge into children and earn money from it.

12. Background Check Services-: Identity theft, frauds and scams are very common these days that is why business owners and even individuals spend money on running background checks on people before associating with them.

13. Coaching Services-: You can start a coaching business in any niche. You can become a fitness coach, relationship coach or a religious coach.

14. Construction Clean-up

Well, the construction isn’t complete until the mess is cleaned up because that is when the beauty of the house can be seen. You can start a cleaning business for helping new house owners clean up the mess left behind by the construction contractors.

15. Virtual Call Center

A virtual call center is a business that is not too expensive and you can even start it from the comfort of your home. You can provide virtual call center services to business owners in Texas and even to people from other states or country. With less than $500, you can start a virtual call center.

16. Cloth Diaper Business-: Disposable diapers are a threat to the environment because they take longer to decompose. This is why cloth diapers are making a comeback. Making cloth diapers for sale is a very lucrative business.

17. Gardening-: Another business is to make money from helping people take care of their gardens and lawns.

18. Home Weatherization

Home weatherization involves helping homeowners save money in their efforts to keep the temperature in their homes comfortable throughout the year. This is a highly sought after service especially during summer and winter periods.