Top Small Business Investment Opportunities in Newyork

1. Auto swap meet promoter

You could start a business that organizes meetings and gatherings for people who want to sell their cars or exchange it for another. As a promoter, you will make money from the subscriptions that intended participants would pay.

2. Career Counselor-: You may also help people select the right career path by becoming a career counselor. You can also organize trainings and seminars for companies who want to develop their staff.

3. Paper-shredding service

There is an increasing need for companies to keep their information private. You can start a paper shredding business to help companies destroy useless documents without jeopardizing the security of their company.

4. Taxi Services-: Another popular business idea in New York is a taxi or car hire service to help residents move around easily and conveniently.


5. Old people’s home

This is another good business idea. If you are someone who is passionate about caring for elderly citizens, you can start an old people’s home to care for the physical and health needs of elderly people.

6. Nanny Services-: Nanny Services are in high demand in New York due to the number of working parents in the state. You can start a nanny service to look after kids when their parents are at work.

7. Real Estate Agent-: You can help people search for their dream homes while you get commission for it. Real estate agents in New York earn a six figure income annually.

8. Insurance Agent-: Another good business to start in New York is an insurance agency. Insurance agents have the benefit of working from home hence the cost of starting the business is minimal.

9. Art work dealer

Art works are a very good source of decoration for the home and some art work costs as much as several million dollars. If you are passionate about arts, you can become an arts dealer. You will source for good works of art from artists and help them sell it to clients while you earn a commission for your services.

10. Jewelry store-: You can open a jewelry store and sell jewelries like earrings, rings, wristwatches and rings to ladies and even men in the state.

11. Hair care salon-: You can also make top dollar from providing hair care services to ladies or men. You could add other services like manicure, pedicure and skin care.

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