Top 30 Profitable Interior Designing Business Ideas

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1. Antique Furniture Refurnishing

Antique furniture is costly. And the owners always look for professional and experienced hands for it. You can start and operate this business from home.

2. Artificial Flowers

Nowadays artificial flowers are widely used in interior decoration. These are used in domestic houses, on events and occasions, in hotels, restaurants and to decorate commercial places also. You can start arranging artificial flowers business from home.

Profitable Interior Designing Business Ideas
Profitable Interior Designing Business Ideas

3. Basement Remodelling

Everyone wants a decorative basement. You can help them in the remodeling basement and to convert it into a comfortable living area.

4. Cabinet Door Making & Repairing

Cabinet and doors are very important part of an interior look. You can start this specialized service providing business. You can help the people to get a new one or repairing the old wth a new look.

5. Ceramic Tiles Sales & Installation

To start this business, you must have construction expertise and knowledge. People nowadays prefers tile instead of marble or mobile floor. Selling and installing ceramic tiles is a profitable business.

6. Custom Furniture Covers

For furniture covers, everyone needs to depend on custom made. Because the covers must be fitted with wall colours or the other furniture of the room. You can also work on a subcontract basis for an established furniture upholstery service or retailer of home furnishings.

7. Designer Pillows

Designer pillows are mandatory items for not only the bed but also for sofa and any type of sitting arrangments. The business is profitable. You can operate from home.

8. Fabric Shop

This is a very lucrative retail business in the interior designing industry. Fabrics and linens are most important materials. In addition to fabrics, sewing patterns, buttons, zippers, curtain rods, sewing machines, other sewing notions and craft items can be sold to increase revenue.

9. Florist

Any individual can initiate florist business by two ways. You can initiate it as home based and part time basis. Giving services to the local customers at any kind of function’s floral needs including planning, design, delivery, setup and removing waste. Another way is opening a flower shop.

10. Headboards Art

A decorative headboard featuring with design and painting is always on demand. You can use your creativity by using different types of materials like wood, glass, leather etc.

11. Holiday & Event Decoration

People wants to decorate their houses and even business places on holiday or events. You can help them for this temporary decoration requirement.

12. Home Office Planner

The trend of operating business from a home office is increasing nowadays. But the workspace must be fitted for office operation. according to your customer specific requirement, you can help them to build a perfect home office with the optimum utilization of the space.

13. Home Storage Solution

Home storage is a real challenge. People always look for an arrangement that serves the purposes of storage with a stylish manner. You can help them out.

14. Home Theater Rooms

Home theaters are becoming very popular. People wants to enjoy movies wit the comfort of their home. A right installation with the other construction aspect, you can convert a room into a home theater room.

15. Hot Tub Installation

Hot tubs are luxury items and it gives a home an extra value. Starting your own business that specializes in the delivery and installation of hot tubs is a great business to start from home.

16. Hotel Art Supply

Hotels need a lot of art word for the interior designing purpose. You can supply the items according to the specific need of your client.

17. House Painting

House painting is a very simple business to start. It only requires a small investment to get going and even a smaller learning curve to master.

18. Interior Landscaping

Apart from domestic houses, there is a great demand of interior landscaping for commercial places. This green business allows you to start with a small startup capital.

19. Junkyard Furniture Creations

Effective, good looking and functional furniture can be made from junks. This is an innovative business that has minimum competition. The business is very profitable.

20. Lamp Shades

Designer lampshades are always on demand. People prefers the lampshades that match with the other aspects of the space like other furniture, wall colour, and arrangements. You can start this business as home-based also.

21. Mattress Store

Mattresses and bedding products have the demand not only for domestic uses but also commercial uses in hotels, hospitals, hostels etc. The gross profit margin is very lucrative.

22. Mirror Art & Installation

If you are an expert of mirror art, then start your own business of creating and installing mirror art as per your client’s choice. You can earn handsome revenue from this business.

23. Online Home Repair Advice

If you have right knowledge and expertise, you can start this business from home. With the help of the internet, you can talk to your customers face-to-face.

24. Party Balloon Supply

A party balloon service business is certainly not limited to only children’s birthday parties. You can establish business tie-ups with catering services, party planners, wedding planners etc. to get more business.

25. Paving Consultant

Paving consulting business opportunity demands adequate knowledge in mechanical and civil construction sector. The business is all about providing advice, design and creating pavements withing your client’s budget and scheduled time.

26. Skylight Installation

Installing skylights are the great way to have a glow in the room. But it must be installed in the right places. You can start this business from home with small startup capital.

27. Staircases 

Residential and commercial staircase crafting business has the potential of earning good revenue. The most lucrative are, you can start this business from your home workshop.

28. Wallpaper Sales & Installation

Nowadays, wallpapers are becoming very popular. It is more cost-effective than wall painting. You can start wallpaper selling and installation business from a retail space and also from your home.

29. Window Shutters and Blinds

Window shutters and blind are very essential items in interior designing. The manufacturing process of window shutter is very simple. It doesn’t demand much spaces.

30. Windows Installation

By only replacing old windows a whole makeover of a room is possible. Modern manufacturing methods and materials can be accredited for this booming industry. This is one of the most demanded interior designing service globally.




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