Top 10 Richest People in World in 2017

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Bloomberg has released a list of the ten richest people in the world, with their net worth in billions of dollars.We look at the who’s who of the list.

  • 10-Liliane Bettencourt – 38.9 billion
    10-Liliane Bettencourt – 38.9 billion
    Attention was drawn to Bettencourt after several of her staff members were found guilty of taking advantage of her mental state to steal millions from her. One of them included celebrity photographer Francois-Marie Banier, who received a sentence of 3 years in prison, and was also ordered to pay Bettencourt 172 million dollars in damage. Bettencourt is the richest person in France, and all of Europe.
  • 9-Charles and David Koch – 39.6 billion each
    9-Charles and David Koch – 39.6 billion each
    Brothers Charles and David Koch are the primary shareholders of the multinational Koch Industries. Koch Industries is primarily involved in the oil industry and chemical technology business, and also has subsidiaries trading, investments, and manufacturing of products such as paper towels and dixie cups. Koch Industries is the second largest privately held company in the USA. Charles Koch has been chairman of the company since 1967, when it was worth 50 million.
  • 8-Michael Bloomberg – 40 billion
    8-Michael Bloomberg – 40 billion
    Michael Bloomberg is best known for serving as the 108th mayor of New York City from 2002 to 2013, as well as his current career as a politician. He is also the owner and CEO of Bloomberg LP, which he founded in 1981 following his career with Solomon Brothers.
  • 7-Larry Ellison – 43.6 billion
    7-Larry Ellison – 43.6 billion
    Self-made entrepreneur Larry Ellison began his journey to riches by building computer databases for the CIA in the 1970s. He named the database “Oracle”, which later became the name for the software company he founded later in 1977. Named Software Development Labs at the time, Ellison invested $2000 with two partners to create the future billion-dollar database software giant.
  • 6-Mark Zuckerberg – 44.6 billion
    6-Mark Zuckerberg – 44.6 billion
    You likely have an account on the very site that made Mark Zuckerberg a billionaire. Facebook is the world’s largest social network, hosting 1.65 billion users. Facebook was founded in 2004 as a small scale social network in his Harvard dorm room. Zuckerberg dropped out of harvard after it began taking off to pursue his dreams in Silicon Valley. At the age of 31, Zuckerberg is one of the youngest billionaires.
  • 5-Jeff Bezos – 45.2 Billion
    5-Jeff Bezos – 45.2 Billion
    Bezos left his job as a hedge fund investor to found Amazon in 1994. He started the business from his garage, inspired to do so after reading about the boom in internet usage. Bezos is well known for his skills as a manager and his attention to detail in the workplace.Chances are that if you’ve ordered something on the internet, you’ve ordered something at least one from Despite the sheer size of Amazon, founder Jeff Bezos also manages two other successful companies. He is the founder and owner of aerospace manufacturer Blue Origin, and manages the Washington Post which he purchased in August 2013 for 250 million.
  • 4-Carlos Slim Helu – 50 billion
    4-Carlos Slim Helu – 50 billion
    Carlos Slim Helu, often shortened to just Carlos Slim has earned the titled of the richest person in the world multiple times. Known as the “Warren Buffett of Mexico”, he has made his fortune through investing and ownership of many large companies. He is the CEO of telephone services Telmex and America Movil, the largest cell phone service provider in Latin America. Slim has share in an incredibly diverse portfolio of businesses, from everyday products like beverages to financial services.
  • 3-Warren Buffett – 60.8 billion
    3-Warren Buffett – 60.8 billion
    By far, Warren Buffett is the most successful investor on earth. He is the CEO and primary shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway. Even more incredible is the fact he is self made.To this day, he is known for his frugal habits, despite his massive wealth. From a young age he had a propensity for business and investing. His first job of sorts was selling soda, gum, and newspapers door to door.
  • 2-Amancio Ortega – 67 billion
    2-Amancio Ortega – 67 billion
    Spanish businessman Amancio Ortega had a modest start, founding a small family textiles factory in 1963. He later founded his primary money maker, clothing company Zara with his then-wife Rosalia Mera in 1975. By 1980, Zara stores were all over Spain. In 1989, the first Zara store was opened in the United States. As Zara expanded, it acquired businesses such as Massimo Dutti and Pull&Bear. He also owns textile company Inditex, considered by many to be one of the most innovative textile companies in the world.
  • 1.Bill Gates – 75 billion
    1.Bill Gates – 75 billion
    Programmer, entrepreneur, business, investor, philanthropist and thinker Bill Gates founded the largest software company in the world, Microsoft in 1975. Until 2014, he was the largest shareholder in the company. He was the CEO of Microsoft until 2000, when he stepped down to be the Chief Software Architect instead. Although he was originally on track to become a lawyer, Gates found himself fascinated by computers at an early age. He enrolled in Harvard in 1973. He did not have a concrete study plan, but often found himself spending time around the school’s computers.

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