Small scale business ideas; Aquarium Maintenance

Small scale business ideas; Aquarium Maintenance-Aquarium maintenance business is providing services of cleaning and maintaining aquariums of the client who doesn’t have time for it. It is absolutely an ideal business for the entrepreneurs who are pet lover by nature and want to turn their hobby into a venture. Aquarium maintenance business with providing necessary supplies is a profitable venture for metro city or suburban location.

A clean aquarium is required for healthy fish and it is recommended after every 10 days the tank should get cleaned. A beautifully organized aquarium with clolourful fishes is always very soothing and relaxing. One can initiate this venture from home location with low capital investment. As your business grows you can expand by setting up an exclusive retail store. In addition, you can also get the orders of maintaining residential or commercial landscape’s water bodies.

Small scale business ideas; Aquarium Maintenance

Technical Skills for Aquarium Maintenance Business

In starting aquarium maintenance business you must have skills and knowledge about how to handle. As you are dealing with living object you need to be utmost careful. Temperature, quantity of food, filtration are the deciding factor to aquarium fishes for healthy living. It is always recommended before get into the business take some classes. Also it is better to have knowledge about some normal diseases and medicines. Keep yourself updated about new technologies and feeds.

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Initiating Aquarium Maintenance Business

In starting the business you need to fix the pricing. According to the tank size and fish popularity in the tank you may create your price list. While you are giving services of maintaining and establishing new tank create brochures. Printing your business card is also essential. Do some research on the decoration part of the aquarium. Fix a vehicle which is comfortable enough to go with the equipment. Setup an office space with computer and internet to maintain day-to-day business activities like order scheduling etc. Keep yourself always ready for any calls from your clients.

Supplies for Aquarium Maintenance Business

Gather equipment from local or online suppliers. Some of the necessary equipment are soft scrubbing pad, cleaner, siphons, cleaning brushes, aquarium sealant, net etc. Gather other supplies that you will be selling to the aquarium owners. Gather some popular fishes and fish feed. Concentrate on decor and utility items for aquariums like colours, gravels, artificial plants, coral babblers etc.

Get Clients for Aquarium Maintenance Business

Keeping your clients happy is the key to get success in this business. Publish some classified advertisement in local newspapers. Register your business with local directory. Fixing the next schedule will help you to get the return business. Contact with the business houses, educational institutes, hospitals who keep aquariums as relaxing decoration for their clients. Have business tie ups with interior decoration professionals of your area. Build relationship with fish store, pet store or veterinary doctors. You can get reference from them by giving sharing a percentage of your profits. Create a business website with a blog. Decorate your site by posting some of your client’s aquariums beautifully organized by you. Ask your satisfied clients to give feedback on your site. Educate your client about aquarium maintenance. Give special discounts to your regular clients.

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