Small Business Ideas for Houston (TEXAS, USA) with Low Investment

Being the fourth most populous city of Unites States of America, Houston is always brimming with energy and enthusiasm. It is a dynamic city with imagination, talent and outstanding attractions that make it a popular international destination.

The city has a firm industrial base in energy supply and aeronautics. It won’t be wrong in calling it a global city with strengths in business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, sports, technology, education, medicine, and research. It is a prospering international community with population from several ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Houston is home to a vibrant economy with a potential for business in every aspect. Experts say that if Houston were an independent nation, it would rank as the world’s 30th largest economy. All you need is an interesting and prospective idea that will yield great profits. Adding to it you already have a large population as your prospective customers. Although the city provides chance of business in numerous aspects, we have brought to you 25 most potential ideas. You will surely find something of your interest!

1- Cab Service:

Spread on an area of almost 1600 km sq. Houston has three airports, dealing with thousands of passengers with a lot of luggage daily. Providing a Cab service from the airports till home or vice versa just on a call will be very beneficial for the city. It requires one-time investment in few vehicles then it can earn you great profits.

2- Career Guidance:

Houston is one of the cities of U.S. where the youth is booming and with numerous options to pursue as their career they need the best advice. You can help cater this scenario if you have links with professionals and expertise on this matter. A great business can be made from these services when you have such a great population to target.


3- Solar Plates Installation Service:

It’s not just the public sector that is interested in using this renewable energy sources, but also the private sector including businesses and household. So, there’s a big market, but you must have the skills or have a team of skilled people with you to run this business efficiently!


4- Mobile Auto Workshop:

Where there are cars, a workshop is needed to repair it. No doubt there’re many workshops already, but no one wants to go there. Think of a scenario when a car got a problem on the midway! Numerous cases of this kind happen on daily basis, many times on highways and other times right in the parking. A mobile workshop that reaches there on a single call doesn’t just help, but actually gets paid off more!


Houston receives a lot of people from different cities. Majority of them arrive because of their education or jobs, after having one they also need a place to live. If you have a building in the hub of city why not turn it into a hostel. Even if you don’t have one you can always rent one. This requires very less investment returning great benefits.

6- Data Entry Outsourcing:

Every other company hires services to do the monotonous work of data entry efficiently. Although this job is not for everyone but if you are good at managing this type of work, make yourself a company to be hired by different companies. Collaborate with group of people with same skill and expand your market and get the work done from freelance data entry operators from around the world!

7- Lawn and Landscaping Business:

There are numerous parks in the city. This opens up a chance for people who want to do a business close to nature. If you have good gardening skills and aesthetic sense, you just need some equipment to invest on and you are ready to offer your services.

8- Messenger Services:

You just need a bike and time to get started with this business. There are numerous offices which need to send their parcels with in the city. You can even charge extra for rapid delivery.

9-Pick & Deliver Car Washing/Servicing:

Houston is full of busy business executives and working class, and at times they even cannot afford time for a detailed car wash. Why not to get them subscribed for your monthly package whereby you pick their car, get it fully washed/serviced and then deliver it at their doorstep!

10- Job Placement Agency:

23 Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Houston. Along with numerous other multinational and local companies sprawling in the city providing multifarious opportunities to people. You can provide your services by getting to people find the jobs most lucrative for them.

Moreover with the business speeding up companies find it difficult to do the extensive recruitment process at their own. This business will target both the applicants as well as the companies.

11- Bill Board Business:

As the business is sprawling in the city the companies need more advertising. Start an advertising agency by displaying bill boards, posters, mobile billboards and many other options locally as well as nationally. This business may require quite a lot of investment for owning bill boards and may need a lot of terms with professionals but once it is in running it will yield beyond your imagination.

12- Computer Repair:

Help other home-based business owners like yourself by applying your technical skills as a computer repair person. Computers are a source of livelihood to many home-based business owners, so having access to a reliable individual who can come to their home and troubleshoot computer issues can fill a need in the market. You can also target local companies/firms if you have a team.

13- Software House:

If you have a team with skills in this area and good you can earn a lot of profit. Nowadays there is an application for every work or rather an idea can transform into a software/application. You can provide your services by making customer required software and can also sell your software based upon your ideas. Either way it’s a win-win and very lucrative. You just need good marketing to make you prominent among others.

14- Photography business:

Houston has tons of beautiful sights, its cultural and diverse providing a different and beautiful scene at every turn that could be captured in photos. Promote the beauty of this city through your skill and earn money. You can also provide your services by covering different events.

15- Restaurant Business:

People of Houston are famous for eating out more than people of any city. Business related to food never fail. Grab a cuisine you are expert at and show your magic. Introduce something new and the rest will be done by people. 

16- Real Estate:

Sale and development of properties is a very potential business in a city like Houston. Property development and leasing requires investment but it gets recovered with great profits in a short time. You just need to keep an eye on properties around. Connect the buyers and sellers and have your commission.

17- Temporary Recruitment Agency:

There are jobs which require workers on temporary basis. You can manage people with different skill by letting them know where they are needed.  In Houston there are oilfields requiring labors, some place needs cleaners, a building can require painters and many more jobs where workforce is required. Commission earned in return of your services will soon bring the business to rise.

18- Financial Adviser:

With the companies transforming their businesses, the financial matters need to be taken care by people with expertise. If you have hands on experience of the financial markets, you can start offering financial advisory services to companies. Requires professionalism and good marketing to have a great clientele.

19- Livestock Care Services:

Houston is home to renowned Livestock Show and Rodeo which attracts millions of visitors each year. If you have experience with Livestock. You can give this idea a shot. It may involve work from trading them to looking after them. Making it online will grab you a greater clientele.

20- Office-Food Delivery.

No doubt that people of Houston eat out a lot but there are also those people who are tired of eating junk and unhealthy food on daily basis. Provide them healthy and home-made food. This will be more than a blessing for them. A stay-at-home business with little investment.







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