Practical small business ideas

Practical small business ideas-Here are few ideas of businesses in a truck that proved to be profitable and sustainable.

1-Mobile flower shop

Flowers are the most beautiful appearance in an urban area. The best part is that with little creativity the truck can become an attraction itself. You can use the truck in many circumstances like weddings, parties, festivals etc.


2-Mobile spa/salon

A spa arranged intro a truck can resolve a lot of problems for both customers and furnisher. The customer will be very pleased to be treated in an intimate spa or salon that comes straight to his/her door, while the furnisher will cut substantial costs needed to set up and maintain a traditional salon. A mobile spa/salon can also be a simple extension of an existent business.

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3-Pet grooming salon

A mobile pet grooming salon is even more appealing than a human salon. The vehicle is easy to equip with all that you can find in a traditional pet salon: tubs, blow-dryers, clipping stations for fur and nails and so on.


4-Fashion truck

Whether vintage, second hand or branded clothes, a mobile clothes shop is very chic and appealing. A fashion truck is easy to arrange and to transport anywhere on long and short distances. It can be used just for festivals as a way to promote an existent fashion shop, or it can simply be an attractive business concept. It can also be profitable.


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