Mobile business ideas

Mobile business ideasHow many times a day do you check your smartphone? How many times do your friends check theirs? How many people have you seen walking on the streets and interacting with their mobile phones at the same time? Since smartphones have become available for all types of buyers, the smartphone market has exploded.

Since almost all mobile devices can connect to broadband or Wi Fi, these devices have also become our mini-computers on the go. Businesses understand that smartphones are the future, that’s why they optimize their websites for mobile phones, create apps for their businesses and invest a lot of money in mobile advertising. These are some of the best ideas to mobilize your business:


  1. Mobile apps. Third party applications, from business apps to game downloads, are a great business opportunity. Apps like Ocarina, that let iPhone users turn their mobile phone into an instrument is a top 1 dollar download.
  2. Mobile web design. You would think that most web pages are mobile friendly, but mobile friendliness is quite far from perfection. The challenge of adjusting websites on small screens for multiple devices with easy ‘surfing’ has been a market necessity for a long time now.
  3. Mobile payments. Britons alone will spend 900 million pounds this year on services and products using their smartphones in order to acquire them. Also, by 2020 50% of Visa transactions will be carried out via smartphones and tablets. This should be enough to make you create your mobile commerce website if you already have an e-commerce website.
  4. Mobile data. Every day there are more and more mobile data subscriptions and with the arrival of the 4G technology internet connection will be even faster. This is great news if your company has a mobile website. With the help of 4G you are able to offer users a better user experience.
  5. Social media. Gartner‘s forecast for social media revenue generated by social media says that it will reach 10.6 billion pounds by the end of 2013. So if your company isn’t registered on the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Google+), this is the time to do it.
  6. Cloud technology. Cloud based services gain increasing popularity. Companies, in particular, are the ones that prefer using these services. Among these services list: Dropbox, Cloud Sigma and iCloud.
  7. Mobile landing pages. SMS campaigns are much more attractive if you include a link to a mobile landing page you created in order to promote your company. The text you include just accompanies the main element: the link to the mobile page you created for promoting a product or a service your company offers.
  8. Mobile commerce. Creating an m-commerce starting from your e-commerce guarantees more visitors for your website. It will most probably boost your sales and provide an excellent user experience.

Mobile business apps are fastly gaining popularity as smartphones are becoming unofficial substitutes of PCs and laptops and has a basic advantage: you can take it anywhere because it fits your pocket. Below you can see a short list of the most popular and most downloaded mobile business apps.

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