How to Open a Boutique ?

How to start a boutique online ? How to start a boutique with no money ? How to start a boutique from home?

No matter how often women try to be different from each other there are still several aspects that bind women the world over together. For starters, tips on fashion and on how to look one’s best is a common topic of discussion, research and endeavour for women across genres, ages, groups, cultures.

They often say that this is one of the most important things that set women and men apart. It takes a women’s courage and gumption to hunt through cities, stores, hours and piles of clothes to find what they deem ‘the perfect’ dress.

That’s probably why being a woman and managing or starting a boutique of your own is probably the best business idea. Not only are women naturals when it comes to picking clothing and accessories, they have a keen sense of fashion built in ever since they are born.

So if you are a woman and love fashion, clothes, accessories – the works, then think about setting up your own little boutique.

Commit Yourself

The basic point to remember when venturing into a business of any sort, whether it’s starting a boutique or bakery is your interest. If you are going to be heading a company/store – you have to be interested and committed to your cause.

Let’s take the example of boutiques. When someone decides to start a boutique – their interest in fashion and clothing and modern day attire plays an important part. Post all that, the real issues like location, suppliers, self-made clothes, payments come into play.

Starting a Boutique


In metros like Bombay and Delhi, renting a place can mean that you might need to take a loan first for the simple reason that rents are high. However, if you or someone in your family has a small garage sized room anywhere, it could be a start for you (saving on rent for a new setup is always a blessing).

When one thinks of starting a boutique, you need to draw up your plan, starting with the location. And it’s needless to say; the location of your boutique would matter on what kind of clothes you decide to sell there. If you wish to sell traditional wear, then it would be best to set up the boutique in a part of town where middle aged people live.


Draw up your plan on the basis of the amount of capital funds you can put in yourself and the amount you will need from external sources. You will know how much you need once you find out the marked prices of a rented place, store and renovation of the store and suppliers charges.

Earmark how much loan you’d need to take or whether your close family and friends can help you out in the beginning.

It’s always advisable to register a boutique name and company in your name as a private limited company. This commercial set up will help you protect your business interests in the long term and support your expansion plans if you plan to open a chain of boutiques.

A private limited company is a company registration requiring two minimum directors and a minimum of Rs1,00,000 to invest. This can give your boutique a better identity if you ever want to source goods from reputed suppliers or fashion brands across the globe.

Establishing a Brand Identity

Renovate your store to suit your tastes and those of your potential customers, remember to make it inviting and comfortable. If women are comfortable where they shop, they will always come back.

Start sourcing the clothes you would like to sell from known designers, or upcoming ones.

Price your clothes according to the neighbourhood your store will be located at, the present clothing rates norms and kind of people you’d like to attract.

If you have a creative mind, design some exclusive outfits for your boutique and sell them as a line or range of clothes. Hire tailors to stitch these outfits.

Name the line accordingly, like the ‘Dashing Diva line’ etc. This will help give your boutique a unique image, one that makes tailor-made designs to suit every need.

Furthermore, in today’s times most boutique owners prefer to sell clothes, accessories, shoes, jewellery in one place. This attracts a wider range of customers and gives them a reason to stay in the boutique for longer time.


When it comes to the legal set up, starting a boutique doesn’t take time. Capital funds, the ideal location and registration are the basic hiccups. Once you take care of that, use your imagination, get to know what your customers want and desire and what drives them to attract and inspire them to visit your boutique.




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