Hot Small Retail Business ideas For 2017

Retailing involves breaking large lumps of goods acquired from wholesalers and then selling them to the end customers and those who are involved in this trade are called retailers.

Retailers play one of the important roles in our lives. Other than retailers, where could we collect food to eat, clothes to wear, soap to bath, toothbrush and paste to clean teeth, biscuit to eat with tea and many more things we require to keep going on in our lives.

Retail is one of the exciting sector you can choose to work with these days. It is one of the fastest growing and the most diverse sector that offers you plenty of opportunities to make money and develop your career as well.

Health and Beauty

Whether it is through online or through brick and motor stores, retail as of now shows no signs of slowing but instead shows much positive growth compared to previous years.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, whether you opt for an online store or a physical retail store, both are exciting, highly lucrative as well flexible ways to work with. Well apart from these super qualities, a retail sector also presents endless opportunities to the aspiring entrepreneurs.

Well, regardless of wherever(whether in a metropolitan city or a village or a small town) you establish your retail business, it will always show positive signs of profitability.

Now , let’s highlight those top 20 best small retail business ideas and opportunities for those energetic aspiring entrepreneurs who are passionate about starting a retail store business in their residential locations:


With more and more people becoming beauty and appearance conscious, one of the best retail business decision one can take is to consider starting a small cosmetics retail store in his or her locality.

Nowadays the use of cosmetics and personal care products is showing more positiveness in both men as well as women. So selling fragrances, makeup, hair care, coloring products etc to both local men and women will let you cull out high profits in this business.


Due to the rapid and changing eating habits of people, the demand for specialty baked products has gone high. So if you are looking for exciting business idea in the retail industry, then you should consider tapping into a bakery retail business in your area. Business is indeed obviously the highly lucrative business opportunity in today’s retail industry.


With thousands of buyers, selling wedding clothes and its allied supplies such as bridesmaids dresses, veils, tiaras,wedding shoes etc is another highly lucrative business opportunity one can consider starting in his or her locality. Despite the fact of being always in high demand, most wedding families never mind in spending a lot of money while buying their wedding clothes. So starting a wedding clothes retail store can prove to be your best retail business decision.


With increase in rising temperature and health consciousness, most people love to have fresh juices over packed ones. So, with small investment, low overheads and the requirement of basic infrastructure, targeting fresh juices to the local population as well as outsiders outside hospitals, office spaces, colleges, tourists destinations etc is another marvelous opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to make their money in today’s retail industry.


Coffee is continuously emerging as the hottest retail business opportunity than ever. Although, business rivalry is stiff but with ambiance and comfortable sitting arrangements, an aspiring entrepreneur can position his or her business highly in the minds of coffee lovers.

6. Fitness Retailing 

To stay well and healthy, almost people of all ages are heading towards fitness centers. So if your locality is devoid of any fitness center or the number is centers is less, then one of the best option for you is to consider starting a fitness center.

7. Vegetable Retailing 

The growing preference of consuming vegetables among people is yet another home based hot retail business idea one could think off to start in his or her locality.

8. Fashion Retailing 

Since the latest designs and clothing attires attracts thousands of youth everyday, venturing into a fashion retailing business is truly a hottest retail business opportunity in today’s retail industry for aspiring entrepreneurs.

9. Sports Retailing 

With sports and adventurous games on a steady rise everywhere, starting a sports retail business is the best option one can choose in his or her locality. 

10. Baby Products 

Especially in developing countries such as India, China etc, the growing population provides an incredible opportunity of starting a baby products retail business in these countries.

11. Starting gift Store

Truly a profitable retail business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs nowadays. Whether you choose an online way or a physical store, selling gift collections to people can prove to be your right venture.

12. Starting Kids Store

Selling kids clothes, shoes and allied products is another highly untapped niche in today’s retail industry an aspiring entrepreneur should contemplate on starting his or her locality.

13. Leather Retailing 

Targeting handbags, travel bags, wallets, belts to local people is one more highly lucrative venture aspiring one should think of starting in his or her area.

14. Soft Drink Retailing

Starting a soft drink retail store is another thriving and a profitable opportunity in today’s retail industry because more and more people prefer to chill out with soft drinks Coca Cola, Pepsi etc. You can earn a reasonable profit by helping these soft drink brands to reach more and more customers.

15. Grocery Retailing

One with small capital can think of opening a grocery store in his or her area. Though profits are lower but chances of repeating sweat fruits in long run are high provided you can stock your store with right grocery products.

16. Fruits Mart 

You and we know it very well that without any doubt the market for fruits is indeed very large. Making all kinds of fruits available to the local population in your fruits mart can prove to be your right retail option.

17. Pharmacy Retailing 

Truly a highly thriving as well profitable retail business opportunity nowadays. There will always be high demand for drugs and medical supplies as the market is growing day by day. You must ensure to become a  licensed pharmacy in order to run your pharmacy retail store proximate to a hospital.

18. Bookstore Retailing

Stocking up a shop with high demand books and selling them to the local students is another highly lucrative opportunity in today’s  retail industry.

19. Cell Phone Retailing

Planning to start your own cell phone store that would sell mobile phones as well as accessories is another worth for consideration retail business opportunity nowadays.

20. Music & Movie Retailing

Selling hard copies as well as soft copies of movies and music to the large market is another retail business option one can start with small capital.



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