Businesses You Can Start With $1,000-$5,000

Dance Instructor
Data Retrieval Service
Day Care Service
Credit Card Merchant Broker
Credit Consultant
Economic Development Consultant
Emergency Response Service
Employee Harmony Consultant
Environmental Consultant/Contractor
Factory Locating Consultant
Fan Club Management
Desktop Publisher: Community-Based Coupon Books
Direct Marketing/Sales
Disability Consultant
Dog Trainer
Cooking Class Instructor
Credit Cardholders’ Service
Farmer of Fruits or Vegetables
Feed Consultant/Broker
Financial Aid Consultant
Flea Market Organizer

Calendar Service

Abstracting Service
Adoption Search Service
Advertising Sales Representative
Alterations/Seamstress Business

Commercial Actor
Commercial Photographer
Conference Call Facilitator
Construction Management Services
Consumer Researcher
Arbitration Service
Art Broker/Corporate Art Consultant
Association Management Services
Audio Recording for Trade Show and Seminars
Auto Maintenance
Background Music Leasing
Boat Maintenance/Cleaning Service
Book Binder

Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning
Chimney Sweep
City Planner
Clip Art Service
Clipping Service
College Internship Placement
Color Consultant
Food Delivery Service
Food Item Manufacturer
Food Manufacturing Consultant
Forensic Consultant
Freelance Writer/Editor/Illustrator
Fund-Raising Firm
Government Contract Consulting
Grants/Proposal Writer
Herb/Flowers Farming
Image Consultant
Interior Designer
Internet Marketing Specialist

Book Packager
Bookkeeping Service
Bridal Consultant
Broadcast Sales/Advertising Broker
Bulletin Board Services
Business Broker
Buyer’s Information Service

Retail Bakery/Specialty Food Store
Retirement Planner
Reunion Organizer
Parenting Specialist
Payroll Administrative Services

Profit Sharing Plan Consultant
Property Management Service
Recreation Activities Consultant
Sales of Novelty and Promotional Products
Seamstress/Alterations Business

Systems Integrator
Time-Management Specialist
Trademark Agent
Translation Services

Newspaper Delivery Service
Oil and Gas Field Services
On-Line Job Search
On-Line Services Consultant
Wood Splitter
World Wide Web Home Page Creator
Travel Agent
Secretarial Service
Personality Analysis/Testing Service
Personalized Check Service
Personnel Safety Consultant
Pharmaceutical Returns Consulting

Referral Service
Relocation Consultant
Respiratory Equipment Repair
Resume Service
Tree Service

Labor Relations Consultant
Licensing Agent
Manufacturer’s Representative
Massage Therapist
Medical Management Consultant
Meeting Planner
Meteorological Consultant
Mobile Hair Salon
Money Broker
Tropical Fish Servicing
Vending Machine Owner
Venture Capitalist
Water Pumping Service
Window Treatment Specialist
Window Washing Service
Political Campaign Management
Printing Broker
Product Developer
Software Conversion Service
Standardized Test Preparatory Services
Stenography Service

Invention Consultant/Broker
Investment Broker/Club
Jewelry/Clock/Watch Repair
Motivational Speaker
Murder Mystery Producer


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