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Last week we showed you the 10 most useless graduate degrees. Now, here are the ones that are most worth it and will really make a difference in your career.

As with our list of the most useless graduate degrees, we usedexamined salary and unemployment data forexperienced college graduates and graduate degree holders from this summer’s “Hard Times” report from the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce.

We calculated the percent difference in how much more money a graduate degree will bring, as well as how much of a better chance you will have of finding a job. The higher the combined figure was for a field of study, the more useful the graduate degree.

graduate-degreesThe list for the most useful degrees spans several distinct fields — from humanities to sciences to education. However, all of these degrees will help you make more money and face a lower unemployment rate.

1 -Biology

Experienced College Grad Earnings: $57,000
Graduate Degree Holder Earnings: $90,000

Experienced College Grad Unemployment: 5.1%
Graduate Degree Holder Unemployment: 1.7%

2- Chemistry

Experienced College Grad Earnings: $65,000
Graduate Degree Holder Earnings: $99,000

Experienced College Grad Unemployment: 5.6%
Graduate Degree Holder Unemployment: 2.4%

3 -Elementary Education

Experienced College Grad Earnings: $41,000
Graduate Degree Holder Earnings: $55,000

Experienced College Grad Unemployment: 3.7%
Graduate Degree Holder Unemployment: 1.4%

4- General Science

Experienced College Grad Earnings: $56,000
Graduate Degree Holder Earnings: $83,000

Experienced College Grad Unemployment: 3.9%
Graduate Degree Holder Unemployment: 2.3%

5- Special Needs Education

Experienced College Grad Earnings: $45,000
Graduate Degree Holder Earnings: $58,000

Experienced College Grad Unemployment: 4.5%
Graduate Degree Holder Unemployment: 1.9%

6- International Relations

Experienced College Grad Earnings: $68,000
Graduate Degree Holder Earnings: $95,000

Experienced College Grad Unemployment: 6.8%
Graduate Degree Holder Unemployment: 3.7%

7 -Area Ethnic and Civilization Studies

Experienced College Grad Earnings: $55,000
Graduate Degree Holder Earnings: $73,000

Experienced College Grad Unemployment: 7.2%
Graduate Degree Holder Unemployment: 3.9%

8-General Engineering

Experienced College Grad Earnings: $77,000
Graduate Degree Holder Earnings: $98,000

Experienced College Grad Unemployment: 4.8%
Graduate Degree Holder Unemployment: 2.3%


Experienced College Grad Earnings: $55,000
Graduate Degree Holder Earnings: $76,000

Experienced College Grad Unemployment: 5.8%
Graduate Degree Holder Unemployment: 3.7%

10- Philosophy and Religious Studies

Experienced College Grad Earnings: $48,000
Graduate Degree Holder Earnings: $62,000

Experienced College Grad Unemployment: 7.3%
Graduate Degree Holder Unemployment: 4.0%

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