8 Small Medium Profitable Investment Ideas

8 Small Medium Profitable Investment Ideas-In this current age of globalization, overall business integration, and rapidly evolving trading environments, new technologies and business ideas are constantly being introduced and exhausted. According to Entrepreneur.com, 99% of marketers agree that there is every need for new, creative ideas.investment-ideas

Most entrepreneurs do not search for new business ideas. In fact, only about one-third of new business founders surveyed in the Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics engage in a systematic search for new ideas. Therefore, the ideas provided in this publication are not really out of the box solutions, but to encourage you to reinvent the wheel that can drive you to success.

1. Make Money on Pinterest

Follow your passion and you will be able to make money on Pinterest. For instance, if a lot of people are spending a great deal of cash on fitness and you are a professional in this field, pinning fitness related products can make you a lot of money. All you need to do is select a target audience. For instance, women in their 20s who want to maintain their fitness and attractiveness. Develop boards on Pinterest that will reach out to your target audience. Within a short amount of time, marketers will reach out to you with amazing offers.

2. Invest on High Volume Penny Stock

This is one of the least talked about investment ideas that can work wonders if managed correctly. Penny stocks can give you considerably higher returns if you invest wisely and enjoy risk-taking. Research dictates that you should invest in penny stocks that successfully trade no less than a hundred shares per day. Trading on low volume penny stocks may put you in a bad position. Also, engage penny stocks that are conveniently priced at 50+ cents per share.

3. Food Vending

This is a good business idea for individuals who know how to prepare specific food types, such as cakes. All you need is to know how to craft, design various qualities and be creative. Before starting this business you need to be informed about your local government’s food handling license. To get this information visit your county clerk’s office and health department. Did you know you can sell homemade cookies, pecans you gathers yourself, and many other foodstuffs on online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and many others?

4. Home Day Care Services

Currently, working parents are increasing in number, creating a high demand for child care services. It is an excellent business idea for stay-at-home mothers and other individuals who want to build a business and love children. You will need to market yourself around the local area.

Check for any local laws, permits, or legal requirements. Ensure that you have a large space to accommodate children, plan the operating hours, daily activities, meals and snacks, and choose the age group and the number of children you will be taking. In order to get more money, all you need to do is offer the best services and your clients will bring in more clients.

5. Software Training

If you have specialized in software, then this is the best business idea for you. Starting small by training individuals can lead to building your own institution. This is a two way traffic business since you get to earn profit and your clients get to gain more knowledge. It also allows you to improve your skills in your field.

You need to ensure that you possess the right credentials, be committed, network with your clients and also capitalize your business. You can also publish your own training books and sell them to your clients in order to make extra cash.

6. Language Translation and Interpretation

Language translation and interpretation is one of the fields that you can explore. According to ListTribe, most businesses are going global. This means that the need for translators increases by the day. Create your own small firm, consisting of a few capable individuals who are proficient in different languages. You can even start this kind of business with your friend or just yourself.

7. Cleaning Service

Cleaning service business is a low-cost business idea. Before starting a cleaning service business you need to choose which type you want. There three types and they include:

  • domestic cleaning which involves cleaning people’s houses
  • commercial cleaning that is cleaning properties such as offices
  • specialized cleaning which involves various niches like schools and vehicles.

The type of cleaning service you choose will also determine the capital you require and whether you need to employ additional people. You need to market your company. You can do this with local listings online, by issuing flyers or via classified listings.

8. Selling Garage Sale & Thrift Store Finds on eBay

There are so many items you can obtain from garage sales and thrift store finds and resell them on eBay. Choose a niche to focus on for maximum success. Having many related items rather than random products of every kind will increase sales. You can rummage through your own household first.

The best selling garage sale and thrift store finds can include: vintage accessories, scarves, bracelets, magazines, vintage cassettes, car items and accessories, kitchen utensil, linens, housewares, and Christmas goods. With the correct items, you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars on eBay. Just make sure you check items before you buy them to see if they are hot sellers or not.





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