8 Best Android apps 2016

15 Best Android apps 2016-Google Play is great, but let’s face it, there’s an awful lot of ‘lower quality content’  to wade through to find what you’re looking for. Thankfully we’re here to alleviate the pain and deliver a definitive list of the best Android apps you can stuff onto your phone’s internal memory or microSD card. We’ve listed the best essential apps your phone just has to have, as well as the best social, entertainment, fitness, travel, and productivity apps.

1-Snowball (free)


Fed up of juggling multiple social networks across loads of different apps? Snowball helps manage the blizzard of information thrown at your phone or tablet every day.

Notifications are handled in a separate dropdown tray, and you can easily cycle between different networks. Replies can be left without even having to close down the app you’re currently using.

It’s simple and effective – a great way to streamline your social experience.

2-Timehop (free)


Want to remind yourself of how foolish that haircut you had five years ago was? Timehop is here to do just that. But while there’s sure to be plenty of cringe-worthy moments dragged up from the past, Timehop also brings reminders of memories forgotten. That spontaneous road trip, the time you went to the zoo, or perhaps the day you met a loved one for the first time.

Plugging into Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Foursquare, Timehop gives you a slice of your past life every day of the week. Who knew looking back in time could be so addictive?

3-Vine (free)


Depending on your age and your attention span, six second looped clips might sound like the best or worst thing ever to happen to video. But that’s exactly what the Vine app offers, providing quickfire entertainment chunks.

The app lets you browse other peoples’ creations, of course, but crucially it also lets you create your own six-second wonders. Just hold the record button to start filming, and release to stop – it’ll let you keep adding segments until you reach your six-second limit.

You’d be surprised by how creative you can get in the limited timeframe, and the easy integration with other social networks means your creation could be the next big viral hit.

4-Google Play Books (Free)


Like to use your Android device to read? While there are plenty of ebook apps out there, Google’s own Play Books is fantastic.

Usually coming preinstalled on vanilla Android devices, Google’s ebook reader packs in features other free apps lack. And while the capability may not be initially apparent, you can upload your own ebooks and PDF files to Play Books and access them on any Android device associated with your login, with your progress synced across devices. This means you can read on your tablet when at home, then pick up your phone and carry on reading when out and about. Not bad for a free app.

5-Periscope (free)


Watch live streams of people broadcasting their lives from their smartphones. Search by location, individuals you follow, or just the most popular streamers in the world right now.

Watching someone drink coffee, eat a sandwich or explore a new city by foot, has never been more exciting.

6-VLC (free)


Say hello to the only video player you’ll ever need. VLC plays practically any video format you can throw at, isn’t power-hungry, and is incredibly simple to use.

Thanks to its open-source roots, the update process is transparent, so you always know what your device can or can’t support.

7-Google Fit (Free)


Google Fit comes preinstalled on some Android devices, but if you don’t have it you should head on over to the Play store and download Google’s health aggregator.

Not only does it track your walking, running and cycling activity when you’re carrying your phone, but it’s also compatible with smartwatch OS Android Wear for phone-free tracking. It dishes out performance-based recommendations on reachable goals and aggregates fitness data from all of the tracking apps that plug into it.

Google Fit won’t be much use to those using Fitbit devices, however: Fitbit has chosen not to support Google’s fantastic health app.

8-mobile“>Imgur (free)


If Reddit is known as the front page of the internet, then Imgur is its photo album.

Imgur is the perfect procrastination tool. With its card-based interface, images are put front and centre for you to flick through. Be it a cute animal GIF, the latest meme, world curios, or helpful tutorials about activities you didn’t even know existed, Imgur never fails to surprise and delight.

If you feel yourself sucked in to leave comments and submit pictures, the official Android app makes it easier than ever.

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