6 Green Business Practices to Follow

6 Green Business Practices to Follow-Going Green, while it may sound daunting, is pretty easy when put into practice. Over the past years, we have been seeing a rising awareness about environmental sustainability within the corporate sector as many huge organizations have started adopting more eco friendly practices. These green practices are not only good for the environment, but can also save you quite a bit of money. Here is a handy list of environment friendly business practices that you can adopt:


Even though it is one of the easiest materials to reuse, recycle or replace, paper makes up about 35% of everyday waste produced by businesses,. You can reduce your paper consumption by keeping track of documents digitally. Organize your inbox instead of printing your emails. Even contracts and documents can be signed digitally without being printed. As for backing up your files, instead of making and storing paper copies, you can back up your files in an external hard drive.


If you’re just starting out your business, or if you are trying to remodel, go green with the entire floor plan. Install large windows and skylights to increase natural lighting. Install proper insulation to decrease the need of heating and cooling inside the office and use recycled, up-cycled or sustainably sourced materials to furnish and decorate your office.


Appliances still use up energy when they are plugged in, even if they are not being used at the moment. So, unplug your cell phones, laptops and any other devices when they are not in use and conserve energy. You can plug all the office devices you use, like your computer, printer, hard drive and other gadgets to a single power strip which can be turned off at the end of the day. This way, these devices won’t be drawing up electricity all through the night. You can also program your computer or monitor to turn off at certain time of the day, or when they haven’t been used for 5 minutes or so.


Recycle everything in your company, from the usual paper, bottles and cans to electronic goods. Have paper recycling bins next to work desks and copier machines. Have cans and bottles recycling bins in the cafeteria. You can even start a small worm bin in the kitchen to recycle waste food. As for electronic good, once they become obsolete in a certain department, see if you can find use for it anywhere else in the company. If not, you can donate it to charity. After all, one man’s trash is another’s treasure.


With the big boom on Eco-friendly practices, it is likely that yours is not the only business that is concerned about environmental sustainability. So, network and partner with these companies and use each other’s services when needed. Seek out environment friendly vendors to ensure a green supply chain. Whether you need to print business cards, clean the office or host your website partner with other green companies as far as possible.


These days, consumers care not only about the products, but also how they are made. Recent studies have shown that social responsibility makes for a stronger brand. So, adopt environmentally sustainable practices and make it part of your brand image. Promote your business while promoting environmental sustainability.

Follow these 7 Eco-friendly business practices for a greener future.



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