5 Profitable Niche Business Ideas

5 Profitable Niche Business IdeasWhile researching these topics, I came across a few topics that were quite interesting to me and really think they’re worth a second look. If not for myself, then maybe for those of you who are struggling with coming up with a niche topic that could potentially be lucrative.

1. People’s homes that are about to be foreclosed

profitable-niche-business-ideas-2 This is not a fun topic to discuss, however, there is an obvious need for information with this topic. Since the recession in 2008, alot of people lost their homes. This is a very touchy niche that although it does pose the possibility to being profitable, if you go into this niche, you really have to focus on creating nothing but value firsthand before you focus on anything monetary.

With any niche that you get into, you should always focus on providing quality, valuable information but this one is especially true. Those that are searching for information on these topics are looking for USEFUL information to help them out.

If you have an interest in real estate or has an interest in home buying, this could be a great niche for you. Especially when you have some keywords like:

  • how to avoid foreclosure (720 searches a month)
  • foreclosure help (1,600 searches a month)
  • how to stop foreclosure (1,300 searches a month)
  • and so much more

Like I said, this is a touchy subject yet a very interesting niche that provides a lot of potential to give a lot of quality information as well as monetize it when the time is right.

Regional Interest for the keyword “how to avoid foreclosure”

2. Students that need money for school

12Being a person that did University in a program that I obviously didn’t get involved in, I know how expensive school was for me.

Fortunately, I was able to get school loans to help pay for the years I went to school. Not everybody is that fortunate. And that’s obvious because each semester, there’s a wide variety of students looking for ways to pay for school.

I read a statistic once that in the US, 10 million students start first year University each year.

Obviously not all of them get scholarships and help from their parents. If you can provide them with that information that they’re searching for, the numbers certainly will add up and the odds will be in your favor.

Some great keywords in this niche are:

  • how to get money for college (1,300 searches a month)
  • how to pay for college (5,400 searches a month)
  • how to get financial aid (1,300 searches a month)
  • ways to pay for college (1,300 searches a month)
  • and much more

Each year, High School students age going to college and university and like I said, not all of them get scholarships. This presents you with the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the fact that they’re looking for ways to either pay for college or to qualify for financial aid or just to make money while in college.

If you can provide that information to them, you’ll see yourself continuously succeeding year after year.

3.People who have to pass a drug test

urinedrugtest-public2-300x227I’ve never been in a situation or job (when I worked) that I had to do anything to pass a drug test … but I may be in the minority.

A lot of people, for their jobs or anything else, are subjected to take a drug test to get clearance for certain things.

I know that professional athletes have to take drug tests every once in a while but the people searching for this information may not be for them. But you do have so many College and High School athletes out there that this information may be extremely useful to.

And to be totally

honest with you, I didn’t think that this would be a good niche until I actually looked at the numbers and I was amazed. So many pieces of information that anyone going into this niche could create.

And like I said, there’s always an audience because each year there are more and more students getting involved in sports that may want to know this key information.

You can have great success when you have keywords such as:

  • how to pass a drug test fast (1,300 searches a month)
  • how to pass a drug test home remedies (1,600 searches a month)
  • how to pass a drug test in a week (1,900 searches a month)
  • how long does it take to pass a drug test (1,600 searches a month)
  • and so much more.

This is not one niche to be overlooked. Some serious consideration should be taken before you blindly pass this niche by. Like I said, there are a lot of people, students/athletes, that are looking for this type of information. And obviously it’s a topic of interest based on the searches it get’s per month.

4. Gamblers going into debt.

Gambling is a crazy addiction that quite a large number of people face. And as much as it’s exciting to play for the thrill, the consequences at times, outweighs the rewards.

This is a great niche to go into because it’s a problem that a lot of gamblers face and are trying to cure.

And if it’s not the gamblers themselves trying to cure their addiction, their loved ones would certainly be looking for any and all information to help the person with the gambling problem.

There should be no problem at all with turning this niche into a profitable one … especially great keywords like:

  • how to stop gambling (2,900 searches a month)
  • gambling problem (1,900 searches a month)
  • compulsive gambling (1,000 searches a month)
  • and many more.

On top of that, there are alot of topics you could run with for this particular niche. Regardless of the moral issues of this niche business idea, there is a market out there that’s searching for information on this topic.

Here are some additional information that may be of interest to you:

Regional Interest for the keyword “gambling problem”


5. Saving your relationship

However, for some, relationships are worth fighting for. No matter what. And even though on the outside, it may look like it’s too late to save their relationship with their significant other, they just won’t hear it and will do whatever possible to try to save their relationship.

I know this is true because I have a friend that’s going through the same exact thing.

Nonetheless, this is a very interesting niche with some keywords you can take into different directions that could create some great content for you.

Some of those keywords include:

  • how to save your relationship (1,600 searches a month)
  • how to save your marriage (3,600 searches a month)
  • how to fix your relationship(880 searches a month)
  • how to save my relationship (720 searches a month)
  • and many more.

Creating high quality content shouldn’t be a problem with the wide variety of topics you could create from the keywords made available.



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