3 Ways To Make Money Online In 2016

A few years ago a blog with Adsense could easily make you a lot of money online. However traditional advertising is no longer as popular and people have turned to using other methods to make money online. Earning online is not going to happen overnight. It can often take many months before you build up a profitable revenue stream. Take a look at these top 5 ways that you can get started making money online.

images eCommerce

e-commerce still dominates the internet and it is now easier than ever to set-up your own online store. There are many services that now mean you do not need any technical skills at all to sell online. Unique custom products are often great money makers online. You can charge significantly more and there is often going to be less competition.

Paid writing

With the amount of sites that are on the internet, there are always ones looking for content writers. As a content writer you could  be writing blog posts or product information. There are a few blogger job boards online that allow you to quickly apply for a writing job. The benefits of this are that you can work at home and you can fit this around your own time. When you apply for  writing job you should have some sample work available to show.

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If you have a particular skill such as web design or programing then freelancing could be very profitable. You could use these skills to work on projects for clients and make significant profit for your work. There are a lot of freelance websites out there for you to find work including People Per Hour. There is often a lot of competition with freelancing. A good strategy would be to lower your price until you build up a portfolio. You could then increase the price as you work on more challenging projects.


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