25 Home business ideas

1-Getting Started as a Full-Time RVer
Coleen Sykora and her husband live, travel, and work full-time from their RV. Are they roughin’it? Not a chance! Find out what kind of work is available for RVers and how you can get started.

2-Supplement Your Income as a Language Translator
If you are proficient in more than one language, there is a market out there that needs your service. Go for it! There are no start-up costs, it’s easy to set up, and it’s risk-free.

3-A Peek Into the World of Video Mystery Shopping
Slowly but surely, a new specialty is gaining momentum in the mystery shopping industry.

4-Public Speaking for Profit, Pleasure, and Personal Growth
Public speaking can provide you with an opportunity to earn a fantastic full time or part time income working from home. Mike Moore explains how you can get started.

5-Moonlighting Idea: Create and Sell Kids Crafts Kits
Here’s a twist on the old “sell your crafts” theme. How about creating and marketing a craft kit for your craft? Mike Morgan spells out the details.

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6-How To Market Your Clothing Designs to Local Stores
Thinking about a career in fashion design? Great! You don’t have to be a big name designer to earn decent money designing clothes.

home business ideas


7-Personalized Gifts for Children
Nancy Wurzel started making gifts for children 7 years ago, and now has over 10,000 customers. This is a fun, family business anyone can do!

8-Become a Virtual Public Relations Advisor
If you’re looking for an in-demand home-based business, consider becoming a virtual public relations advisor. Yvonne Buchanan explains how you can get started in a business that is growing rapidly to meet demand.

9-Turning Ideas Into Books
How do you translate your great idea into the beginnings of a full-fledged book? Author and publisher Laura Backes reveals how to create a tantalizing tale from one good idea.

10-A Gift Basket Business the “Punkin” Way!
Jennifer Powell, owner of Punkin’s Gift Baskets and Boxes, is no stranger to working at home. Read her story in this tell-all interview by JoAnna Gilford.

11-Getting Started in Mystery Shopping (The Right Way)
If you intend to make mystery shopping a real career rather than just getting “paid to shop” it’s important to get started off on the right foot. Melanie Jordan tells you what you need to know…

12-Greeting Card Business
Author Shery Ma Belle Arrieta uncovers what it takes to be a successful greeting card writer.

13-Residential Cleaning Service
This is a great business that solves a problem for many busy households. Learn how you can get started on a shoestring budget.

14-Featured Home Business Ideas

How To Start and Run a Landscape Maintenance Business
Do you have a green thumb? Learn the ins and outs of making a good living landscaping – a fun and exciting service business. Steve Fleming explains how you can get started.

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15-How To Operate a Successful Home Jewelry Business
Rena Klingenberg shares her ideas and experience of turning a love for crafting earrings into a successful home-based jewelry business.

16-How to Achieve Success as a Screenwriter
To distinguish yourself as a prize-winning writer you need to master organizational skills, take creative risks, and learn how best to present your final product.

17-Professional Photography: Turn Your Hobby into a Career
Becoming a working professional photographer has to do with one main element: Getting recognized in the field. Follow these tips and turn your hobby into a real career.

18-How To Start a Mobile Oil Change Business
Do you have a garage? How about a van or a truck? Eric Johnson and his wife started their mobile oil change business with little more than that.

19-Starting a Window Cleaning Business: 7 Tips for Excellence
We’ve all heard it: “I don’t do windows.” If you do windows – and want to do it well – utilize these proven tips to build new clientele and maintain good relations with your existing customers.

20-Freelance Writing: A Career From Anywhere
It is now easier than ever for freelancers to communicate almost instantly with anyone, anywhere in the world. Writers in remote locations, far from being at a serious disadvantage, can actually enjoy a number of benefits.

21-Tips To Start Your Own Translation Business
There is no shortage of translators who take the plunge and set up shop as self-employed freelancers, but few start up their own all-round translation agency.

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22-11 Benefits of Starting a House Cleaning Business
Does a cleaning business sound like too much work and not enough pay? Not a chance says Suzanne Arthur and her partner Evan, “…the work is steady, the pay is excellent, and we love getting the free time we want in order to pursue our personal goals.”

23-Get Paid To Take Surveys… Is This For Real?
Can you really get paid to take surveys online? Or is it just another scam? Chris Price sheds some light on this much-advertised opportunity.

24-Getting Started Selling Your Crafts
Take your love for crafting and turn it into a business for both fun and profit! Eileen Bergen shows you how to get started in this rewarding business.

25-How To Start an Export Business
International Trade Consultant Jennifer Henczel explains how to get the tools and resources you need to be a participant in the global marketplace.





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