20 Low Tech Businesses You Can Start

1-Craft Fair Vending

If you can make anything from clothing to candles, you can work on creating those items in your home or workshop and then travel to different craft fairs in your community or around the world to sell them.

2-Childproofing Service

When people have children or even just welcome child visitors into their homes, it can help to have an expert come over to make sure that everything is safe and childproof.


3-Car Detailing

Car owners will pay a premium price for someone who’s able to not only wash the outside of their cars, but also clean out the entire inside from top to bottom.


Being a florist allows you to work with different flowers and plants to make arrangements that your customers will love.

5-Hair Stylist

If you have a cosmetology certification, you can start your own business as a hairstylist, offering cut, color and various other styling services.

6-Makeup Artist

Or you can work as a makeup artist, welcoming clients to your own space or even traveling to work with them.

7-House Painting

You can offer house painting services to clients who need interior and/or exterior work done one their homes or businesses.


Love plants? You can start your own greenhouse where you care for various outdoor and houseplants and sell them to customers.

9-Moving Service

If you have a large vehicle and a strong team, you can offer full moving services to customers in your area.

10-Woodworking Service

From furniture to birdhouses, you can build a huge variety of items out of wood. Then you can sell those items to local businesses or at craft fairs or flea markets.

11-Canning Business

Canning allows you to preserve different types of food items so that you can ship them to customers or even sell them wholesale to local businesses.

12-Photo Restoration

Old photos tend to fade and show other signs of ware and tear over time. It takes some specialized expertise, but you can work to restore certain types of photos without going fully digital.

13-Laundry Service

For students, elderly people or even busy families, you can offer a service that helps with their regular laundry so they don’t have to worry about it.

14-Resume Writing

Young professionals or people who haven’t job hunted in years often look for assistance when compiling their resumes. You can offer some assistance and feedback to clients working on things like resumes and cover letters.

15-Soap Making

With just a few ingredients and supplies, you can make your own soap with various scents and specialties and sell them to local beauty or home stores, or even at craft events.


If you have some knowledge about food and dieting, you can work with clients to give them some input on their nutrition.

17-Proofreading Service

You can also offer your services as a proofreader for things like articles, grants, resumes or even school assignments.

18-Translation Service

Businesses, individuals and even government entities often hire translators to communicate with people in various other languages. If you are fluent in any other languages, you may be able to offer your services to different clients.

19-Antique Sales

You can sell various antique items at antique fairs, antique mall booths or even in your own store.

20-Aquarium Maintenance

People who own fish, lizards, snakes or any other animals that live in tanks or aquariums are likely to need some maintenance services at some point. If that’s the type of work you enjoy, you can provide those services in people’s homes or place of business.



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