20 Green Business Ideas for Startup Entrepreneurs ?

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Here are 20 green business ideas for environmentally conscious entrepreneurs.

green business ideas
green business ideas

1-Green App Developer

Mobile applications can be incredibly helpful for a variety of functions. So you can also develop mobile apps designed to help people with environmentally friendly functions, like finding recycling centers or learning about the environmental practices of different brands.

2-Sustainable Event Planner

Events offer another opportunity for you to make an environmental impact. You can offer event planning services to environmental organizations or other groups, but ad an eco-friendly twist on things like food and decorations.

3-Second Hand Store Owner

To give new life to a variety of older products, you can open a consignment or second-hand store, which can also keep many of those items out of landfills.

4-Tech Refurbisher

When people get new smartphones, computers or tablets, their devices often just sit unused or get thrown away. But you can start a business as a refurbisher to repurpose those devices and sell them to customers who could use less expensive versions.

5-Ink Refill Business

Ink cartridges for printers can also be expensive and potentially wasteful. So you can start a business refilling them so that customers can get more use out of them instead of continuing to buy new ones.

6-Herbal Remedy Provider

There are lots of herbal remedies out there for different ailments, many of which are made with natural materials. You can produce your own foods and supplements that are made naturally and sustainably.

7-Green Publisher

If you want to spread the word about certain environmental initiatives or trends, you can work as a publisher of a green publication like a magazine or even an online newsletter.

8-Green House Cleaner

Cleaning supplies aren’t known as being especially eco-friendly. But you can substitute some more natural materials and methods and build a strong niche as a green house cleaner.

9-Air Duct Cleaner

Air ducts can also have a big impact on the air quality and other environmental factors. So offering a service cleaning air ducts in people’s homes or other buildings can be another green business idea.

10-Green Business Consultant

You can also help other businesses go green by consulting with them to help them build more sustainable business practices.

11-Eco-Friendly Soap Maker

Or you can build a handmade business by making soap with natural materials and ingredients.


It’s not the cleanest of businesses, but if you have the space and resources, you can start a composting operation on your property and then sell the service to local gardeners or customers that don’t have the space or desire to compost on their own.

13-Used Bookstore

Books use a lot of paper and other resources in the production process. But you can sell used books to reduce that impact and give new life to old products.

14-Organic Food Stand

You might also consider selling more finished food products by starting a food stand that sells organic snacks or meals to passers-by.

15-Organic Caterer

If you want to build a more full-scale food operation, you can also start a catering business that specializes in organic and sustainable food options.

16-Green Blogger

For entrepreneurs that are more focused on writing, you can start a blog about environmental topics and then make money through advertising or selling green products of some kind.

17-Specialty Landscape Designer

If you want to work outside and have some knowledge about sustainable landscape design, you can offer your services to customers who want a really efficient landscaping setup for their homes that doesn’t use a lot of water or other resources.

18-Eco-Friendly Fashion

Fashion designers or retailers, you can start a clothing line or retail store that uses sustainable or recycled materials in clothing items.

19-Shipping Crate Offices

For many different types of businesses, you can go green by carefully considering the actual office space that you use. You might even start a green business inside a recycled office, like inside an old shipping container.

20-Recycling Inventions

The possibilities are endless when it comes to inventions that can potentially help the earth. You can even create something relatively low tech that can help people recycle or do other eco-friendly activities.




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