15 Small Manufacturing Business ideas For 2017

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The growth rate of manufacturing sector reflects the economic potential of a country. The existence of a strong manufacturing sector is crucial for a country as it helps it to achieve the great feats of development.

A vibrant manufacturing sector helps in eradicating unemployment and poverty as more job opportunities are created. Agricultural activities become more efficient and highly productive. Export levels are increased as more and more raw material is turned into finished products. Heavy foreign debts are avoided and notably the local currency gains much value than other countries.

Aspiring individuals looking to go ahead with a manufacturing business should know that starting a manufacturing company has many potential benefits but also some clear challenges. In comparison to a service type of business, there are many benefits aspiring entrepreneurs can enjoy by launching a manufacturing firm and one of the biggest benefit is that it can change their life for better and few of challenges you’ll have to face while starting a manufacturing firm includes requirements of skill variety, proper employee training, time and capital intensiveness etc.

Now, let’s highlight 15 small scale manufacturing business ideas and opportunities for those aspiring individuals who aim to put their feet into the manufacturing industry:


1. Bags Manufacturing 

Whether it the local market or national market, there is a huge potential to make money by manufacturing and selling school bags, handbags, fashion bags, traveling bags, tools bags etc to various customer segments such as school kids, ladies, travelers, tourist etc. Investment depends on the business size.

2. Marble Manufacturing 

Recent statistical figures have shown that there is an enormous demand for marbles almost everywhere in the world. Since marbles are very convenient to clean and are decorative, almost all prefer to install them. So starting a small marble manufacturing business is another opportunity you may think to start in your locality.

3. Hollow Cement Blocks 

One of the best manufacturing business opportunity in today’s manufacturing industry that not only is high profitable but also is considered as very less capital intensive.

Mostly in developing countries such as India, China and also in Africa aspiring entrepreneurs can run a successful hollow cement block manufacturing business. Being lighter and less expensive than bricks, most people love to install them in their  houses, boundary walls, shops, malls etc

4. Cement Tiles Manufacturing

Starting a cement tiles manufacturing business can prove highly lucrative to many aspiring entrepreneurs due to the fact that this business requires cheap input costs, simple manufacturing procedures and ever growing demand in various markets such a local end consumers, local tile manufactures etc .

5. Paper & Notebooks

With an adequate capital investment and solid business planning, one can earn sufficient money by starting a small paper and notebook manufacturing unit that would later sell paper and notebooks to schools, colleges, offices etc

6. Fertilizer Production

Since more people are embracing the farming industry, one can start a small fertilizer production unit and sell fertilizers to local farmers, dealers etc

7. Leather Belt Manufacturing 

With rising demand for leather belts, starting a small leather belt making business is undoubtedly another highly lucrative business opportunity for many aspiring entrepreneurs in a manufacturing industry.

8.  Chemical Production

There is a huge demand for various chemicals such as cleaning, washing and food preservation chemicals in local and national markets. With some capital investment, you can run a successful chemical production business in your locality.

9. Nail Manufacturing Business

With increasing number of houses, there is a huge demand for nails in local as well as national house markets. So, starting a nail manufacturing business could prove to be your best and reading small manufacturing business en-devour.

10. Nut Bolts Manufacturing

Another compelling market opportunity in today’s manufacturing industry for aspiring entrepreneurs that requires very little amount of capital investment to get off the ground.

11. Yogurt Production Business

The yogurt production business entails the activity of  producing yogurt by controlled fermentation process. Consuming yogurt is not a new thing especially in weight conscious people, but the low availability of yogurt nowadays presents you an incredible business opportunity in the form of yogurt production business.

12. Vegetable Processing Unit

With some investment you can buy a  drying machine that coverts fresh vegetables into dried forms which are then packed and sold to export markets at high margins.

13.Flour Production Business

What do you think about considering to start a flour production unit in your locality. With consistent and reliable demand, starting this venture is an incredible business opportunity in today’s manufacturing industr

14. Hand Tools Manufacturing

One of the best small manufacturing business opportunity for someone who is technically inclined in making hand tools. There is indeed a huge market for screw – drivers, shaping tools, scissors, puncher, chisels, hammers etc almost every where in the entire world.

15. Jute Bags Manufacturing

With ban on manufacturing and using plastic bags, it is truly a best option for aspiring entrepreneurs to consider manufacturing and selling eco-friendly jute bags which are growing in demand day by day. 



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