13 Top Free Slideshow Maker Software

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Here is a list of Top Free Slideshow maker software for Windows. These slideshow software let you make slideshow from pictures on your computer for free. Some let you add audio to your slideshow, while some let you add slideshow templates. You can also customize your slideshow by adding texts, transition effects, and shapes.

Use these slideshow software to make your own slideshow in various formats, like: Video (MP4, AVI, MPEG, etc.), Flash, and PPT. Save your slideshow to your device, or simply upload them to various websites directly with the help of these Free Slideshow maker software.

Here is a List Of Best Free Slideshow Maker Software for Windows:

1-Windows Movie Maker


Windows Movie Maker lets you make image slideshows in the simplest way. It has the most advanced tools to make picture slideshow with music, and is quite easy to use. This free tool is available for free on the Microsoft website, and comes bundled with Windows Essential tools. To make a slideshow, simply browse and select the photos. These steps can be followed to create a perfect slideshow:

  • Arrange the pictures according to your choice on the timeline.
  • Set duration for each picture, or for all at once by selecting all.
  • Add audio. You can use an existing audio file, or record via this slideshow maker.
  • Add text, caption, credits, etc.
  • Select from a number of pre-loaded themes.
  • Add transition effects to the slides, or edit the effects from the Animation tab.
  • Visual Effects let you add different predefined effects to the slides.
  • Save your slideshow to your computer, or share on the internet.

You can save your slideshow as High Definition video, standard video, burn to CD/DVD, optimize for Email, optimize for different mobile devices, and video hosting websites. You can even upload your slideshow directly to Cloud, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, or Flickr. This is one of the best slideshow maker, as it gives you a variety of themes, transition, and optimization options.

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2-Photostage Slideshow Software


PhotoStage Slideshow Software is a free slideshow maker for Windows. This free Photo Slideshow Maker has a bunch of options to make awesome slideshows. You can make really interesting slideshows by adding Images, Audios, and Videos. Once you add media to your slideshow, you can make the following changes to the slideshow:

  • Edit: Apply editing to your images or videos, like: Change brightness, exposure, hue, saturation, temperature. You can also rotate, clip, and crop the media.
  • Effects: Add various visual effects to your media before creating a slideshow. These effects include Black & White, Border, Cartoon, Edge Detection, Mirror, Posterize, Sepia, Tint, Two tone, etc.
  • Animation: Apply animation effect to the clips. These animation effects are Speed, Auto Zoom, Zoom, Hue Cycle, Spin, etc.
  • Text: You can add Text to your slideshow very easily. Add text overlay, or place text at any corner of the slideshow.
  • Transition: This tool lets you add transition effects to the images while changing slides.

You can add all the above effects individually to an Image or Video, or you can apply the same to all media files. Add media individually, or you can Add a folder at a time. This slideshow software has some really useful features, like:

  • Record audio to add to the slideshow through microphone. Click Narrate option to record audio. Add fading effect to audio.
  • Add blank slide in any color to add text.
  • Rotate images and videos.
  • Preview.
  • Clip audio according to the duration of slideshow.
  • Change the duration of slides.
  • Export the slideshow in various video formats.
  • Change output file’s attributes, like resolution, quality, format, etc.

After creating a slideshow with this free photo slideshow maker, click on Export button to save your slideshow in desired format.

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3-Icecream Slideshow Maker


Icecream Slideshow Maker is a simple, yet efficient slideshow software. Add Photos selectively, or simply add a folder to make your own slideshow. Once you have added all the photos to the slideshow maker, you can apply various changes to your slideshow. This awesome music slideshow maker has following features:

  • Change sequence of the pictures by moving them Up or Down.
  • Set different time duration, and transition effects for each slide, or the same time for every picture.
  • Set output video resolution, scaling, watermark, etc.
  • Make slideshow with music by adding your favorite audio.
  • Preview before creating the slideshow.

When you have applied the settings, click on Create to make the slideshow. This slideshow software is absolutely free to use.

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4-Photo Slideshow Maker


Photo Slideshow Maker is another free software to make slideshows from images. You can easily create your slideshow in following 3 steps:

  • Photo: Select and add Photos or folder to the Slideshow maker. After adding you can Rotate, Flip, and Edit the images. Add transition effects, and texts.
  • Theme: Select from a number of themes, or keep blank theme. The free slideshow software only lets you select from basics, few premium, and HTML theme options. You can also customize the themes.
  • Publish: Create a Flash file, and publish it. Show it to everyone by sharing on email, or upload it to a website. There is also an option to burn the flash file on CD/DVD.

Add your favorite music or any recording to the slideshow if you like. This photo slideshow maker has many other advanced options. You can only share your slideshow as a Flash file. Few options are available for premium users only.

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5-4K Slideshow Maker



4K Slideshow Maker is a fantastic sideshow maker with music options. This slideshow maker lets you download Instagram photos from your account, and make slideshow from the pictures. You can also add pictures from your computer to make slideshow. Click on the Change Music to add an audio track. Go to Preferences tab to change different slideshow settings, like:

  • Photo Duration
  • Transition Duration
  • Make slideshow duration equal to audio duration.
  • Apply Ken Burns effect.
  • Use Face detection.
  • Select video format, aspect ratio, and quality.
  • Choose output folder

Once preferences are set, preview your slideshow, and then click on Make Slideshow to create your own slideshow. Its very simple to use, and make a slideshow.

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ffDiaporama is another excellent free photo slideshow maker. To begin making slideshow, you have to open a new project, and make slideshow under it. Follow these steps to make a slideshow:

  • Add predefined title, or an empty slide with text.
  • Add files to your slideshow. You can either add photos, or videos.
  • You can even import a slideshow project, and add to your project.
  • Add audio.
  • Select each picture to add slide properties. Add transition effects, text, special effects, set duration, slide size, and much more.
  • Render your slideshow in predefined formats, such as: Smartphone, Multimedia system, Web, and Lossless. You can also set manual parameters for the output files.

The slideshow maker comes with a timeline option, which lets you precisely create a slideshow of your own choice. This slideshow software is pretty simple to use.

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7-Blide Slideshow Creator


Bolide Slideshow Creator lets you create Slideshows for free. You can either create a new project to make a slideshow, or you can continue without creating a project. Add pictures to the slideshow maker, and drag and drop them to the timeline according to the positions you want. Add audio files like AAC, MP3, WAV, or M4A to your slideshow. Add transition effects to each picture, and add effects like Text, Pan, Zoom, and Rotate images. Select the fragment duration, aspect ratio, dimension, and click on Make Video to render the slideshow. Before creating the slideshow, this slideshow maker asks for the Format, and quality of the slide. Select from AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, and FLVformats; select the quality, and decide an output folder to render the slideshow.

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ezVid is another free slideshow software. Its main purpose is to capture your screen activity, do basic editing on the videos, and upload them directly to Youtube. To make a slideshow, begin a new project, add pictures to the timeline, add an audio file if you wish, and you are done. You may add your own recording if you want. This slideshow maker software is primarily for Youtube users who want to upload slideshow to Youtube, and share it with everyone. Click Upload your Video to process and upload the slideshow directly to Youtube.

Apart from making slideshows, it can captures your computer’s activity, add text, add watermark, and synthesize your voice. This is a very simple and useful software to create Youtube videos in a snap.

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9-Wondershare Fantashow


Wondershare Fantashow is an amazing slideshow maker with various filters and effects. The Slideshow maker is divided into 3 modules to create a slideshow.

  • Select a Style: Select a theme or style from many of the free styles. These styles are categorized to sort out what you exactly require.
  • Personalize: Add pictures to the slideshow. Browse through different folders, and add your pictures selectively. You can even add music of your own choice.
  • Share: Share the slideshow on Facebook and Youtube directly. You can also create a slideshow video in standard quality in video formats of your choice. An option to burn the video directly to DVD is also available.

Some features are absolutely free to use, while you have to upgrade to use few features. Premium up gradation gives you access to premium styles, high quality, and watermark free slideshows.

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10-Viscom Slideshow Creatorviscom-slideshow-creator

Viscom Slideshow Creator is another simple Slideshow maker for Windows. This freeware is really simple to use. You just have to add a set of pictures, or a folder. Add music, assign transition effects, and create the slideshow. Not many options are available in this slideshow software. You will find only basic transition options. Save your slideshow in different formats, like: AVI, FLV, WMV, GIF, VDC, etc.

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11-Microsoft Photo Story 3


Photo Story 3 is a dedicated photo slideshow maker by Microsoft. This slideshow software helps you to make your own slideshow step by step. The steps are:

  1. Import and Arrange Pictures: Load pictures from your device. Various other editing options are available here. You can select each picture and apply editing, like: Color level correction, Red eye correction, rotate, crop, auto fix, and effects. You can also change the sequence of the pictures here.
  2. Add Title: Add title to each of the pictures in the slideshow. You can also leave a picture blank, if you want. Text size, color, font, and alignment of the text can be changed as well.
  3. Narrate Picture and Customize motion: Add audio recording via the microphone attached to your computer. Add transition effects, and define transition and slide duration.
  4. Add Background Music: If you do not want to add a recording or narration, you can always add a music track to your slideshow. Create music with the help of pre-loaded music templates.
  5. Save your Story: Different options to save and share your slideshow are available. Save your video optimized for PC, Phones, and E-mails. Select resolution and profile of the slideshow, and hit Next to render it.

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12-Flash Slideshow Maker


Flash Slideshow Maker is another free slideshow maker for Windows. This slideshow software can make Flash slideshow and HTML slideshow out of pictures. How does it works?

  • Select pictures via file explorer. Define transition effects and duration for the images.
  • Choose from a list of more than 50 themes, and apply to your slideshow. You can also define parameters like resolution, colors, music, duration, etc.
  • Publish and save your slideshow. This free photo slideshow maker can create Flash file, HTML file, and XML file. You can also directly burn the flash file to a CD/DVD.

This is a very simple to use and lightweight slideshow maker. You can use it for free for Personal use. You need o buy license if you are using this slideshow maker professionally.

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13-Libre Office


Libre Office is a very good option to create slideshows. Its a free alternative toMicrosoft Office Powerpoint. Using slideshow maker is really easy with this office suite. Create slides and add pictures to them. You can define slide timing, and add text to the slides. Options to add attractive backgrounds, transition effects, and animation, makes this slideshow maker a good and light option than video slideshows. Once you are done making slideshows, save it and share with others. Hit “F5” to preview the slideshow.

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