13 Best Free Websites To Learn Spanish Online

My Favorite Website to Learn Spanish Language-Spanish is a Romance Language a.k.a. Latin language with more than 410 Million native speakers. It is an official language in 20 countries, including Spain, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, etc.

Here are the Best Free Website to Learn Spanish Online



GenkiSpanish is a place where you can learn basic Spanish. With 17 audio supported lessons, this website is a fun way to learn Spanish language. Learn basics of Spanish language, like: Spanish numbers, Seasons, Colors, Time, Animals, Fruits, Directions, and much more. This website is for basic learners, and is specially designed for kids.

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2-Practical Spanish


Learn to speak Spanish language for free at Practical Spanish. There are 3 levels in this Spanish language learning course.  Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The beginner level has basic grammar, along with introduction, and basic phrases. Intermediate level has advanced grammar lessons. The Advanced level has Spanish reading material to practice Spanish language. The course is fully supported by audio playback.

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3-Curso De Espanol


Curso De Espanol offers a bunch of Spanish learning resources. With several language learning tools and modules, it is one of the best places to learn Spanish online. The modules available on this website are:

  • Grammar: This is the most important section of this course. It has audio supported lessons for Spanish grammar. Each lesson is further divided into many sub-lessons. 
  • Live Video-Voice chat: Chat with people who know Spanish, and learn more.
  • Forum: If you need help, go to the Forum, and ask a question.
  • Spanish Music, stories, poems, literature, etc: Find various Spanish Stories, newspapers, poems, literature, etc in this section. All of these are in text, and audio playback is also available.
  • Virtual promenade: Take a virtual walk through different Spanish locations, along with a virtual guide.

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4-Spanish Mooc


Spanish Mooc is an online course to learn Spanish. Powered by Instremia, it provides educational video clips along with other language learning materials. The course welcomes you with an Orientation module. Then you can begin learning with the basics of Spanish language. Learn new Spanish words and phrases, along with their pronunciation. Learn to introduce yourself in Spanish. After finishing the basics, you can enroll yourself to Spanish 101. Learn Spanish grammar, alphabets, numbers, and much more in the advanced module.

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5-Online Free Spanish


Online Free Spanish is a website to learn Spanish for kids. This online Spanish course for kids has 4 Levels. These levels are: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Holidays & Celebrations. These levels are divided into various lessons. The lessons in the Beginner level will teach you the basics of Spanish language, such as Alphabets, and vocabulary. These lessons have flash cards, matching games, and other language tools based on different topics. The website uses graphic and audio content to teach Spanish language in an effective way.

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StudySpanish.com has free resources to learn Spanish online. This Spanish language learning course has really vast content. It is divided into 5 parts: Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Verb drill, Features, & Resources. The pronunciation section includes 50 audio supported lessons; these lessons will teach you Spanish alphabets, vowels, consonants, diphthongs, etc. based on examples. Learn Spanish grammar from more than 100 lessons in the Grammar section. There are more than 50 lessons to be learnt from, in the Vocabulary section. Learn more, and practice on Spanish grammar in the Verb Drill section. The features & Resources section has multiple Spanish language learning tools.

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L-Ceps is a multi-language learning platform, and offers free resource to learn basics of Spanish language. The course is divided into 10 lessons. These lessons include translation of words/phrases, based on topics such as introduction, numbers, family, food, months, etc. The translation is available in the form of audio as well.

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9-Que Onda Spanish


Que Onda Spanish is a language learning platform, which offers free language learning course in Spanish language. Here you can begin learning Spanish with basics, and keep learning till you reach an advanced level. There are courses available for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners. Various lessons are allocated under these courses. Begin to learn from Spanish alphabets, numbers, vocabulary, pronunciation, and move to higher levels. You can also play language games to refine you Spanish language skills. This is one of the best places to learn Spanish language.

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You can learn Spanish for free at Duolingo. The website provides Spanish language course for beginners, and also for those who already know a bit of Spanish. The modules are supported by audio playback, and need you to interact and learn. You have to take tests at regular interval to check your progress. Learn at your own pace, and save the progress you have made while learning Spanish.

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Livemocha is a good website to learn Spanish language. The course can be started by learning Spanish alphabets, numbers, Vocabulary, etc. Once you have mastered the basics of Spanish language, you can get started with Spanish grammar, sentence formation, and phrases. A neat approach has been followed to establish the course, and the audio-video playback lets you grab the basics of Spanish language very easily.

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At Loecsen you can learn to speak Spanish language easily. The Spanish language learning course is comprised of conversation based phrases. These phrases are categorized into different sections, based according to the situations where they can be used. You can go through each section and learn translation of each phrase. The phrases are also supported by audio playback.
Download the Spanish learning course for free to learn Spanish on the go.

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Learn Spanish language for free at Learnalanguage.com. Start from learning the Spanish alphabets in the Spanish Culture section. You also get to know about the history of Spanish language and culture. In the Spanish Words, Phrases, and verb module, you get to learn the Spanish translation, and pronunciation of common words, phrases, and verbs. The above modules are supported by audio playback, making Spanish language easy to learn. Visit the listed blog to enhance your skill set in Spanish language.

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